About Wildlife TV

The Web Broadcasting Corporation broadcasts real-time live video from all over the world, via the World Wide Web, for both education and pleasure viewing; we install, manage, maintain and stream the images from major attractions and places of interest.

With our mobile telescopic broadcasting units and satellite broadband connections, we are able to broadcast from theatres, sporting venues and all major events and venues, including isolated wildlife, water and sea venues, with our underwater cameras. We are available to broadcast for as little as an hour at a time.

We are able to offer private, business video conferencing and web broadcasting for many applications, including staff and suppliers product and information training, customer support and product knowledge.

Our flexibility allows us to satisfy the smallest of requests, including a webcam bird-nesting box to Mrs.Pomroy in Chelmsford, Essex..

If you have, or know of any attraction or subject that fits our criteria, we may even supply all the equipment and the cost of streaming free of charge.

For further information contact us at info@thewebbroadcastingcorporation.com